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Beijing transportation mapBeijing, as the capital city of the People`s Republic of China, is a well-known transportation hub, with a highly developed transportation system both for arriving at and departing from the city, and traveling within the city.There are basically four main transportation methods throughout Beijing, including railway, roads, air and subway. All of them offer great convenience to visitors. However, due to the high population, traffic congestion is commonly seen, which means, you might need to prepare more time if you are catching a flight or a train.
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Beijing Air Transportation, Beijing Civil Aviation
There are two major airports in Beijing : Beijing Capital International Airport and Nanyuan Airport. Beijing Capital International Airport which is located about 20 kilometers to the city centre and is China's busiest and most important international airport. Most domestic and nearly all international flights arrive at and depart from Capital Airport. The capital links Beijing with almost every other Chinese city with regular air passenger service. For the convenience of transit passengers, complimentary shuttle bus between terminals is available. Moreover, the Airport Express which offers an express way to the heart of Beijing within 30 minutes is the most suitable transportation method especially for those who would like to escape from the crowded traffic of Beijing. On top of that, this express way is connected to Beijing Subway system at Line 10 and Line 2 which provide the fastest route for those who are in rush of time.
Nanyuan Airport is around 15 km south of downtown Beijing, and is closer to downtown Beijing than Beijing Capital International Airport is. It is a relatively small when compared with other Chinese airports.
Beijing Train Transportation, Beijing Railway Transportation
Although not in Central China, Beijing is probably the best-served city in China with train links. There are 5 passenger railway stations in Beijing. Among them, Beijing West Railway Station is the largest one. There are more than 30 routes on the Jingguang Line that depart and arrive from the Beijing West Railway Station. Tourists can get to the capital city of each province, autonomous region (excluding Tibet, Hainan and Taiwan) and other cities in China by train from Beijing.
Beijing West Railway Station
Beijing Railway Station
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Beijing North Railway Station
Beijing East Railway Station
National Road, Beijing Land Transportation
Nineteen bus stations in Beijing operate thousands of buses every day to neighboring cities such as Datong, Chengde, and Tianjin, some departing hourly. There are four major long-distance bus stations: Dongzhimen, Muxiyuan, Beijiao and Majun or Guangqumen. Taking a long distance bus is a little more expensive than by train, but it is more convenient and less crowded.
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